Thursday, September 27, 2012

7 Ways to be a Modern Pharisee

A Pharisee is someone who replaces God's word with their own and then, in practice, goes the extra step of thinking everyone should conform to their man-made standard. Here are some modern ways Christians can slide into Pharisaical tendencies.

1. My kind of music is the only kind we should do in church/ministry related activities (whether it be hymns, contemporary, etc.)
2. Everyone must give 10% (note: There is no biblical command to give 10%)
3. Only my kind of clothing should be worn at church/ministry related activities (business casual, formal, sloppy "anything goes," trendy).
4. The more (or less) theological education you have the more spiritual.
5. Everyone should be tolerant of everyone else (to the neglect of obeying the Word of God).
6. Tattoos and piercings are sinful.
7. I'm better than that! (i.e. holding yourself to a standard the Bible doesn't hold you too).